Ireland! - My First Solo Show at the Coast Collective

My first solo show is coming up fast. I still have 4 paintings to complete before Oct 10! Last year i traveled to Ireland with my kids for two weeks and we spent our time driving around to a bunch of little towns, taking in the scenery, eating good food and meeting lots of great people. I went to as many marinas/harbors as possible and got lots of great photos to come back and paint. My opening is Sun Oct 14th from 1-3. And the show runs from Wed Oct 10th to Sun Oct 21st at the Coast Collective Art Center, #103-318 Wale Rd in Colwood (At the bottom of the Holiday Inn Hotel). If you are in the area at the time please stop by and check it out.

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TD Paint in 2018 (Moss st. Paint in)

I am thrilled to be part of the TD paint in again this year. This is my third year participating. It's such an exciting day. Thousands of people attend every year. Looks like its going to be a sunny day! Saturday July 21st from 10am - 9pm. Art will be on the street from 11-4. There is live music, all kinds of family fun and a beer garden.


In the studio

In the studio

Maple Bay

Hi All! I will be at the Maple Bay Marina's Wooden Boat Festival this Saturday only. I will have a few smaller paintings with me for sale, some art cards and i will be paintings on-site. Please stop by and say hi!


Maple Bay 2018.jpg

Estevan - 30x40 - Acrylic

From a photo i took at the 2015 Nautical Days Festival. See below for reference photo. I've taken a bit of the business out of the background to focus more on the boats.

Stacked - 16x20 - Acrylic

From a photo (Below) i took on Pender Island while i was there for my "Girls art weekend" with mom and Gram. If you've never been to Pender, a kayaking adventure is a great adventure!

Welcome to Victoria! Acrylic on Canvas

I get to the wooden boat shows around the island to take great reference photos as much as i can. I try to get all the good old wooden boats in the same place at the same time :-)

After painting this one the owner of the little boat in the middle noticed his boat in my painting and contacted me a few times to make cards and prints for him to send to his friends and family. I thought that was such a cool idea. Really nice man :-)

Also, this painting i entered into the Sooke Fine Arts in 2015 and it was accepted! I was shocked and excited. It sold on purchasers preview night. My dad, Aunt and Uncle had gone the next day to see all the paintings and when they came across mine and saw that little red dot on the price tag my dad called me to let me know it had sold. I screamed, out loud! I truly couldn't believe it. So happy that someone out there enjoyed the same things i do. I could spend all my time traveling to marinas first thing in the morning, watching the sun come up. It's so beautiful. So peaceful. No one's up yet. And there is usually a beautiful reflection in the water of all the boats. Heaven.... :-)

Along Side (Sidney Marina) Summer 2014 (8x10) Acrylic

This is one of those paintings that i was up close painting for hours and when i finished and stood back i couldn't believe how close i had come to the actual photo. (Of course, my blues are a little more blue, but that's how i roll :-) ) I can say i was proud of this one...Actual photo below...

Charcoal Drawings-2013

Going back a few years....I had always drawn and painted things for friends and family. But i decided it was time to start getting more serious as my main goal was to be able to paint and draw into retirement. I had never really put much thought into it. But now i know what i'd like. I'd like a studio where people can come and sit down, create something beautiful with me and relax and have fun. So to start out, since i love drawing with charcoal at the time. I had come across all of these amazing black and white photo's in the archive at work and i asked permission to use them. I felt that these were something that needed to be shared with more than just a single group of people who had access to the archival vault. There was hundreds of photo's. These are just a few i decided to draw.